This is the page for Mrs James' and Mr Hartley's Year 9 Maths group. Welcome!

Your homework will (usually) appear on this page. If you are stuck you can email me: Graham Hartley
Or you can try this website which is very useful:MyMaths
Sidcot School has a subscription to the MyMaths website:
Username = sidcot Password = times
If you can't remember your individual username and password, just ask.

Lesson 3 - Tuesday 21st May 2013

1. I have set you some MyMaths exercises to do for the first 20 minutes.
2. After 20 minutes you can go to this website. Try each of the codebreaking methods in preparation for tomorrow's trip.
Count On website

Prep (Tuesday 5th February 2013)

Calculate the volume of 4 cylinders of your own from home. [Don't forget units eg cm cubed]
Extension: calculate the surface area as well.
Books in on Friday 8th February. Everyone!
Prep (Tuesday 29th January 2013)
From 9c homework books, exercise 13e, page 86, questions 1, 2 and 3.
[Don't forget units eg cm cubed]

Prep (Tuesday 22nd January 2013)

Surface area and volume:
From 9c homework books, exercise 13d, page 85, questions 1 and 3.

Prep (Tuesday 15th January 2013)

MyMaths prep on multiplying decimals

Prep (Tuesday 8th January 2013)

From the sheet, do the first three decimal grids, with the adjustments to the numbers which we did at the end of the lesson.
By Monday 14th January. (You don't need to hand your books to Mrs James this week)

Christmas Prep (Tuesday 11th December)

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
A partridge in a pear tree.
On the 12th day, how many presents (in total, including all of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ... days' presents) had my true love sent to me?

Prep (Tuesday 4th December)

Revise for Mrs James' test and Mr Hartley's test.
You should:
- look through your notes.
- go on MyMaths for practice
- go through the old worksheets and answer any spare questions

Mrs James' Test

Test on Friday 7th December 2012
% of
increase and decrease by a %
repeated increases using % multipliers
Perimeter and Area
Circumference and Area of Circles
Revision Lesson on Wednesday

Mr Hartley's Test

Test on Tuesday 11th December
Equations and Algebra
Multiplying out brackets 2(x+3)
Solving equations 2x+3 = 5
Solving harder equations 2(x+4)=3(x-1)
Designing Questionnaires
Avoiding bad questions
Tallying data
Presenting data (bar chart, histogram, pie chart)
Revision Lesson during Monday's lesson


Date Set: Tuesday 27th November. Date Due: Friday 30th November
Prepare a questionnaire for a new student arriving in Year 10.
Think about which questions you should ask and what the possible answers could be.

Date Set: Tuesday 20th November. Date Due: Friday 23rd November
Prep: i) Staple or glue in this week's algebra sheets.
ii) Easier Q1 to 12 of section C on the sheet or Questions 11-20 from the sheet.

Date Set: Tuesday 6th November. Date Due: Friday 9th November
Prep: Easier Do 4 more of the pyramids.
Harder Do 3 of the questions on the new sheet.
By Friday 9th November (hand in your books to Mrs James).

Date Set: Tuesday 23rd October. Date Due: Monday 5th November
a) Try to complete the 1234 up to 20.
b) Try the same activity, but this time you need to use 4,4,4,4.
The sheets areavailable for download below:
1234 and 4444

Date Set: Tuesday 9th October. Date Due: Wednesday 10th October
Page 15, Exercise 3a, Questions 1,2,3.
Show your method and make sure your final answer is clear.

Date Set: Tuesday 2nd October. Date Due: Wednesday 3rd October

Choose 4 more of the harder sequences on the sheet, and use difference patterns to work out the next 3 numbers in the sequence. No calculators! Show your method very clearly. You can use different colours for different rows of differences if you like.