Summer Term 2013
Last prep of the year!!
Date set: Monday 1st July Due: Thursday 4th July
Straight line graphs on worksheet

Date set: Monday 24th June Due: Monday 1st July
Rearranging formulae worksheet

Monday's prep: Easier questions. The first one is "y=x-7"
Thursday's prep: Harder questions.
Hand in on Monday 1st July
Date set: Monday 17th June Due: Monday 24th June
I have set you some MyMaths questions this week.
For Monday's homework there are 2 sets of algebra questions.
You only need to do Q2 of the factorising quadratics question.
For Thursday's homework, there are 2 sets of fractions questions.
Bonne chance! The deadline for both is next Monday.
Date set: Thursday 6th June Due: Friday 7th June
Revise for tomorrow's exam.
Bring a calculator.
Some questions on MyMaths
%, angles, circles and area.

Non calculator exam - Monday 3rd May, Lesson 1
Algebra, expressions, quadratics, double brackets, surds, fractions.
Calculator exam - Friday 7th May, Lesson 2
Circle area and circumference, angles in polygons, area of triangle and quadrilaterals, pythagoras, percentages.
Prep Monday 20th May
Look through exam topics. Give each one a personal rating - good, okay, or "needs lots of revision"
Go onto MyMaths website for practice on your weaker topics.

Spring Term 2013

Date set: Thursday 7th February Due: Friday 22nd February
Sorry I was late in setting this prep - but you have much longer to finish it.
1) Pythag questions (see MyMaths)
2) Who Wants to be a Pythagoras Millionaire? Practice on this one to see who is the best next half term.
(Go to Shape - Pythagoras - Pythagoras Millionaire)

Date set: Monday 4th February Due: Friday 8th February
From today's work on squares inside squares, find all the squares inside a 7x7 square.
Show calculations for each one.

Date set: Thursday 31st January Due: Wednesday 30th January
Continue with Chairs and Tables

Date set: Monday 28th January Due: Wednesday 30th January
8C book, Page 60, Exercise 10b, Questions 1,2,3,4.

Date set: Thursday 24th January Due: Wednesday 30th January
From homework book 8C. Page 59, Exercise 10a, Questions 1, 2 and 3.

Date set: Monday 21st January Due: Wednesday 23rd January
Complete previous + page 57, Exercise 9c.2, Question 1.

‚ÄčDate set: Thursday 17th January Due: Wednesday 23rd January
From homework book 8C. Page 56, Exercise 9c, Questions 1 and 2.

Date set: Monday 14th January Due: Thursday 17th December
Find a cartoon that you like. Print it out. Draw a 1 cm grid onto the cartoon. You will need this for Thursday's lesson.
Date set: Thursday 10th January Due: Thursday 17th January
Reflections: I have set you some questions on MyMaths. Make sure you save your work at the end, otherwise it won't record that you have done the work. You can also assess how difficult you found the work.

Date set: Thursday 13th December Due: Wednesday 9th January 2013
On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
A partridge in a pear tree.
a) After the 12th day, how many presents (in total, including all of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ... days' presents) had my true love sent to me?
b) How many presents would there be after 100 days?
c) After n days?
Date set: Monday 10th December Due: Wednesday 12th December
Prepare for Wednesday's test by doing as many of the following as you have time for:
Look at recent notes.
Look at recent homework questions.
Look back at the sheets we have done recently.
Go to MyMaths for some revision questions.

Date set: Thursday 6th December Due: Wednesday 12th December
Q1-4, page 22, Exercise 4d.

Date set: Monday 3rd December Due: Wednesday 5th December
a) 6d, page 34, 1-4 (easy)
b) Use a 4x4 grid and split it into 4 congruent shapes. At least 5 different ways.

Date set: Friday 30th November (Yes, I know it's not the correct day!)
Page 32, Exercise 6B, Q2 and Page 33, Exercise 6C, Q3. Deadline = Weds 5th December.

Date set: Thursday 22nd November
Do 25 minutes more work on Quadrilaterals questions. By Wednesday.

Date set: Monday 19th November Due: Friday 23rd November
Factorisation questions: 5d from homework book.

Date set: Monday 12th November Due: Friday 16th November
Section C on sheet. 20 minutes or 30 minutes depending if you like Maths.

Date set: Monday 5th November Due: Wednesday 7th November
Exercise 3a, page 13, Q1 only. Do the SUM table (the one on the right - don't do the one on the left.) and do the probability table below it. Keep all your answers as fractions out of 16, don't cancel.

Test: Thursday 25th October, Lesson 5.
Topics: Multiplication (including decimals), Negative numbers, Indices, Formulae, Area and Perimeter (including circles).
There will be some calculator questions and some non-calculator questions.

I am setting up some revision questions on MyMaths.
School username: sidcot
School password: times
Make sure you know your own password. Email me if you can't remember: GRH

Warning: Show all your working out. Answers only score 1 mark. Wrong units or no units loses a mark every time.

Date set: Monday 22nd October By Thursday 25th October (because that's the date of the test!)
Revise the topics above.
I'm away on Wednesday's lesson; please go straight to the computer room.
Date set: Thursday 18th October Due: Wednesday 24th October
Circles: continue with circles sheet.
Date set: Monday 15th October Due: Wednesday 17th October
Cut out and stick the circles into your book.
Make sure all the measurements have the correct units.
Calculate the radius by dividing the diameter in half.
Calculate the last column by doing circumference divided by diameter.

Date set: Thursday 11th October Due: Wednesday 17th October
Area: page 10, Exercise 2d, Q1 + 2.
Show your method - not squashed onto one line.
Don't forget units.

Date set: Monday 8th October Due: Wednesday 10th October
Area: page 9, Exercise 2c, Q1,2,3,4.
Show your method clearly and make sure you put the correct units.
You don't need to copy the diagrams.

Date set: Thursday 4th October Due: Friday 5th October
Page 29, Exercise 5e, Q1.
Show your method clearly.

Date set: Monday 1st October Due: Friday 5th October
Page 25, Exercise 5a, Q3.
Show your method clearly.