Core 3

Exam Solutions . Net - useful site for supporting C3.

Prep - by Wednesday 3rd July (or Wednesday 4th September if you're going to Tanzania)

Exercise 2D, p42, Q1+3 all (not just the odd ones)
Exercise 2F, p47, Q1,2,3,6.

Prep - by Wednesday 26th June

Product Rule
Exercise 2C, p42, Q1,2,3,4. (not just the odd ones)

Prep - by Wednesday 19th June

Preparation for Quotient Rule
Watch the following clip on the Quotient Rule before Wednesday's lesson:
Quotient Rule

Prep - by Tuesday 18th June

Preparation for Product Rule
Watch the following clip on the Product Rule before Tuesday's lesson:
Product Rule

Prep - by Tuesday 11th June

1. Complete Mrs Uglow's MyMaths prep.
2. Look on MyMaths website for Chain rule intro
MyMaths A level Core 3 AQA Differentiation - Chain Rule
3. Look at Chain rule explanation on You Tube:

Core 2

PDF about trigonometry chapter:

PDF about sequences and series:

The plan for this module:
  • Ch 6 Transformations <1 week
  • Ch 7 Sequences 2-3 weeks
  • Test
  • Half term holidays
  • Ch 8 Trigonometry 2-3 weeks
  • Ch 9 Indices and Logs 1-2 weeks
  • Test
  • Easter
  • Ch 10 Differentiation 2 weeks
  • Ch 11 Integration 1 week
  • Test
  • Past Papers
  • Exam 13/5/13, pm

Exam timetable for summer 2013

Core 1

Core 1 Exam: Monday 14th January, a.m.
Core 1 Papers Schedule
Examination Paper
Deadline Date
Specimen (last paper in the book)
Use these papers for revision.
If you do the paper, I will mark it.
January 2005
May 2005
January 2006
May 2006
January 2007
May 2007
January 2008
May 2008
Friday 30th November 2012
January 2009
Tuesday 4th December 2012
May 2009
Friday 7th December 2012
January 2010
Tuesday 11th December 2012
May 2010
Thursday 13th December 2012
January 2011
Tuesday 8th January 2013
May 2011
Thursday 10th January 2013

Rules for handing in past papers:
  • On time
  • Stapled top left
  • State which exam paper it is ie June 2009
  • Put your name on your work

I am able to export SMART files to PDF. As a trial, I will upload some of these to this wikispace. Please email me requests for notes from other lessons, as many of them are still available.

Graham Hartley

Chapter 2 test is on Friday 26th October. If you are going to be away that day it is up to you to tell me so that you can do the test in advance.
Test topics: Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem, Finding Quotient and Remainder when dividing polynomials, Transforming graphs.
Revision - try the revision questions at the end of the chapter or go to MyMaths on Core 1.

Prep and Lesson notes

Wednesday 21st November 2012
Lesson notes on optimisation problems.

Wednesday 21st November 2012
Lesson notes on differentiation

Half Term Work, set Friday 26th October:
Since I have your prep books, I would like you to do some research so that you are ready to start the next half term's work:

Year 12 A level Holiday Task
Research the following:
  • Gottfried Leibnitz’s contribution to Maths
  • Isaac Newton’s contribution to Math - specifically to calculus
  • Where does the word "calculus" come from?
  • Revise gradients of a curve.

And go over your notes from this half term - look back at completing the square, surds and graph sketching particularly.

Wednesday 17th October 2012
Prep (by Friday 19th as I want to collect in your books)
Exercise 2D, p43, Q1-6.
Lesson notes, 17/10/12