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All preps are from the Essential Maths for GCSE Higher Level Book unless otherwise stated.

Summer Term 2013

Test: Thursday 4th July, Lesson 2. (Independence Day)

Wednesday 3rd July Prep - revise for test, questions on MyMaths

Open book test (you may use text book, exercise book, revision guide.
Calculator allowed.
Tree diagrams (with and without replacement)
Straight line graphs
Quadratic graphs

Prep - set Friday 21st June by Wednesday 26th June
M6.12, page 53, Questions 1,2,3.

Prep - set Friday 14th June by Wednesday 19th June
E8.1, page 63 Q1, 3.

Prep - set Wednesday 12th June by Wednesday 19th June
Page 61, Exercise M8.6, Q1,2. Ext Q3.

Exam Week - 2nd - 6th June. There will be 2 exam papers, one with a calculator, one not.
Exam topics:
Calculator - trigonometry, pythagoras, mean and median, volume of cylinder, cone, pyramid, area of trapezium, triangle, circle, % change,
Non-calculator - probability, equation solving, simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, circle theorems, transformations, sequences, angles in polygons.
(Some topics could be on either paper.)

Prep - set Friday 10th May by Wednesday 15th May
E13.4, page 111, Q1, 2, 4.

Prep - set Wednesday 8th May by Wednesday 15th May
MyMaths questions on cylinders and prisms.

Prep - set Friday 3rd May by Wednesday 8th May
Worksheet on area of trapezium and sector.

Prep - set Friday 26th April by Wednesday 8th May
MyMaths questions on simultaneous equations.

Prep - set Friday 19th April, by Monday 21st April
Worksheet 7 - next set of practice questions on Averages from grouped data

Prep - set Wednesday 17th April, by Friday 19th April
Worksheet 7 - Questions 3 and 4 from th equations sheet.

Spring Term 2013

Prep - set Friday 8th March, by Monday 11th March
Worksheet 7 - next set of practice questions on Averages from grouped data
Latest version of homework sheets doc:

Prep - set Wednesday 6th March, due by Wednesday 13th March
Task M0.8, page 81.
Easier Prep: Q1 - 12
Harder prep: Q1,3,5,7,9,11, 13-16.

Prep - set Friday 1st March, by Monday 4th March
Worksheet 6 - next set of practice questions on Angles in Polygons

Books in Friday 1st March

Prep - set Wednesday 27th February, due by Friday 1st March
Task M10.1, Questions 1, 3, 7, page 74-75 and Task M10.2, Questions 1 and 5, pages 75-76.

Re-Test: Friday 22nd February

Prep - set Friday 22nd February, by Monday 25th February
Worksheet 5 - next set of practice questions on Quadratics III

Prep - set Wednesday 20th February, by Friday 22nd February
Revise for re-test
I have added another question of MyMaths about Stem and Leaf. The other questions you can do again or try for the first time as revision.

Half Term Test: Thursday 7th February.
No equipment will be available in the test, you must bring your own.
Calculators allowed.
Topics to be assessed:
Statistics - Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Mean from grouped data, Estimating Mean, Quartiles, Cumulative Frequency.
Fractions and Percentages - +, x, / fractions, % change, reverse % and compound interest.
Plus the odd quadratic, circle theorem, transformation, surd question, or gradients and straight lines.

Prep - set Friday 1st February, by Monday 4th February
Worksheet 4 - more practice questions on Quadratics II

Prep - set Wednesday 30th January, by Friday 1st February
Cumulative Frequency
M14.7, Q1 and 2. page 122.

Prep - set Friday 25th January, by Monday 28th January
Worksheet 3 - practice questions on Quadratics I

Prep - set Wednesday 23rd January, by Friday 25th January
Median & Quartiles
M14.6, Q1,2,3,4. page 122.

Prep - set Friday 18th January, by Monday 22nd January
Worksheet 2 - practice questions on Gradients

Prep - set Wednesday 16th January, by Friday 18th January
Mean from grouped data
M14.3, Q1,3, page 119
M14.4, Q2,3, page 120.

Prep - set Friday 11th January, by Monday 14th January
Worksheet 1 - practice questions on y=mx+c
The document is here:

Prep - set Wednesday 9th January, by Friday 11th January
Questionnaire Design
8 questions for a new Year 10 student
Space them out, so we can add responses later
No biased questions
Range of data types

Change of Date - now Thursday 13th Dec not Wednesday

Test - is not Wednesday 12th December

Straight line graphs, gradients
Sequences - linear and quadratic
Transformations - reflection, rotation, translation and enlargement
Equations - linear
There will also be a question on Circle Theorems and a question on Quadratic Equations.
I have set some MyMaths questions to provide you with some revision questions.

You will need to bring a ruler and pencil. You may use a calculator if you wish.
Equipment will not be issued in the test.
You will be provided with tracing paper if you ask nicely.

Revision notes from Wednesday's lesson:

You can use the following website to give you practice:
Active Maths
Go to "Whiteboard Worksheets", "Secondary Maths", password=sidcot
J24 = Quadratic Equations

Date set: Wednesday 12th December Due: Wednesday 9th January 2013
On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
A partridge in a pear tree.
a) On the 12th day, how many presents (in total, including all of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ... days' presents) had my true love sent to me?
b) If there were 100 days of Christmas, who many presents would my true love give to me on the 100th day?
c) On the nth day?
[Hint: it's a quadratic sequence]
Date set: Friday 7th December Due: Wednesday 12th December
Revise for test. Details above.
Date set: Wednesday 5th December Due: Thursday 13th December
M6.10, Q 1,2. Page 51

Date set: Friday 30th November Due: Monday 3rd December
Quadratic Sequences
Easier Prep:
E12.1, page 100, Q1 and 2.
Harder Prep
E12.1, page 100, Q4 and 5.

Date set: Wednesday 28th November Due: Monday 3rd December
M6.4, Q 1,2,3,4,5. Page 42.
Date set: Friday 23rd November Due: Monday 26th November
M6.2 Q 8,10,12,14. page 41
M6.3 Q 1,3,5, 12,13,14.

Date set: Wednesday 21st November Due: Monday 26th November
E9.2 Questions 1 and 2. Page 72.
Date set: Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th November Due: Monday 19th November
Do reflections questions.
Do rotations questions.
Both from sheet.

Date set: Wednesday 7th November Due: Monday 12th November
M9.1 Q1-12, page 66. Answers on the sheet.

Date set: Friday 9th November Due: Monday 12th November
M9.2 Q1-3, page 67. Answers on the sheet.

Test: Thursday 25th October
Quadratics - multiplying out double brackets, factorising and solving. Page 26 and page 30 only by factorising, not the other methods.Page 30, Q1-3.
Fractions - converting to/from decimals including recurring decimals and Surds, but not "rationalising the denominator".Page 22-23. Page 22.
Rational and irrational numbers.
Angles - revision of triangles, opposite, F and Z etc. Page 48. Angles in a polygon, interior and exterior angles, and angles in a regular polygon. Page 50.Page 46-47. Circle theorems.Page 72. Page 68-69.

Blue = recommended pages from the Revision Guide
Red = recommended pages from the Workbook

Lesson Notes: Circle Theorems Notes

Date set: Friday 19th October Due: Monday 22nd October
Revise for test on Thursday. See above for details.

Date set: Wednesday 17th October Due: Monday 22nd October
E3.1, p18, Q1-11
Show your method and justify your answers, by stating which circle theorem you have used.

Date set: Friday 12th October Due: Monday 15th October
M3.4, Q1-9

Date set: Wednesday 10th October Due: Monday 15th October
M3.1, p14, Q1-8
M3.2, p15, Q1-8

Date set: Friday 5th October Due: Monday 8th October
Page 4, E1.2, Q1,2,3.

You can try question 4 as an extension, if you finish the others quickly.

Date set: Wednesday 3rd October Due: Monday 8th October
Prep Page 3, M1.4, Q1+4 and Page 4, E1.1, Q2+3.