revision list coming soon!!!

Here it is:
Rounding - decimal places, significant figures
estimating answers to calcs by rounding to 1sf revision-study_fashion.jpg
upper and lower bounds
Fractions - all calculations
fraction/ dec/ % conversions
Percentages - increase/ decrease, % change - use of multipliers
repeated changes
reverse % problems
Ratio - simplest form, comparisons, sharing in ratio
Proportion and Scale
Standard Form - converting numbers
ordering SF numbers
calculating with numbers in SF

Basic skills - simplifying expressions, multiplying out brackets single and double
Formulas/ equations/ identities
Making and using formulas, changing the subject including squares and square roots
Factorising expressions - linear and quadratic, using factorising to make numerical calcs easier
Solving equations - linear, with fractions, simultaneous linear, quadratics by factorising, other by trial and improvement
Straight line graphs - calculating gradients, general equation, parallel and perpendicular lines
Real life graphs

Angles - angles in parralel lines
angles in polygons - sum of interior angles, sum of exterior angles, regular polygons
Pythagoras' Theorem - 2D and 3D
Trigonometry - use to find lengths and angles in right angled triangles
solving word problems involving bearings and angles of elevation/ depression
Circles - circumference and area formulas, reverse calculations
length of arc, area of sector
Volumes and surface area of prisms
Transformations - reflection, rotation, translation, enlargement

Probability - single event
2 events - use of sample space, ordered list, meaning of mutually exclusive, independent
use of tree diagrams
Relative frequency
Statistics - calculating mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range from list of raw data values
calculations from a frequency table
raw data diagrams - stem and leaf, box plots
Grouped data - estimation of mean, modal class
frequency diagrams, cumulative frequency tables and diagram
using cf diagram to estimate median and quartiles
Comparing distributions - average value and measure of spread