Summer 2013 Work for Mrs Uglow's class:

Revision task for Chapter 1 of Pure Core 3: Complete all six questions on the worksheet "Functions" that you were given at the end of term. To be handed in during the first lesson in September.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Easter Holiday work for Mrs Uglow's Year 12 Mechanics class

Mechanics 1

Projectiles: Work though the exercise sheet Projectiles 1. You have the model solutions - make sure that your solutions have the same level of detail / explanation.

Revision exercises: Work through the Test Yourself sections in the Revision Guide - still worth doing even if you've done some already.

Exam papers: Study the sheet: "Working on Mechanics exam papers" before you begin. You have four exam papers to do - January and May / June 2010 and 2011. Use your notes, textbooks and especially the model solutions to help you. Please hand in these papers on the first lesson next term - Tuesday 16 April.

If you want to do any more Mechanics, you could choose from the Mechanics 1 tasks on www.mymaths.co.uk. If you've forgotten your login details, e-mail me.

Core 2

I will be teaching Chapter 11 of Core 2 to you at the start of next term. Please prepare by revising your Core 1 notes on Integration and completing the Check In questions at the start of Chapter 11.

Enjoy the holiday!

Best wishes,

Mrs Uglow