Easter Holiday 2013

After the Easter holiday, we will study the last Chapter of FP4 - Eigenvectors - so now is the time to start revising everything in Chapters 1 to 6.
Work through the Vectors and Matrices Revision Guides that Mrs Redding and I have given to you. Study the examples and Crucial Points. Work through the Exercises - full model solutions are included.
From the FP4 textbook: study the model solutions that I gave to you for Misc. Ex 6, Questions 6, 7 and 9. Then complete Questions *3, 5 and 8. If you do not have the AQA FP4 textbook with you, you can find it here:
We will start FP4 exam papers soon after the beginning of next term.
Have a good holiday,
Mrs Uglow

* Q3 done together in class. Please complete Q4 instead.